One of the things that I really got into last year was sour dough bread making, I’d tried a few years previously without much success, and the poor starter simply made it’s way to back of the fridge oblivion and was forgotten.  Whilst at a friends house in Paris in November I was nosing through their cookery books (as you do) and came across a book called “Tartine”.  Beautiful photography and a very tactile cover was the immediate draw, but on flicking through I could see that the science of bread making was perfectly explained and illustrated, and on my return to the UK it was on the top of my Amazon purchase list.

That book has a lot to answer for, as I am now properly addicted with a 2 month old starter I am very proud of.   Early morning routines now include “feed the cat, feed the bread”.  Even though the physical bread making process is more onerous than simply adding instant yeast and putting it through my trusty Kenwood, the results are by far worth the effort, just needs a bit of time management.

I’m sure this will be the first post of many on this subject but I think the before and after speaks for itself  🙂

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